• Image of Renold Mk1 Blue or Pink / RID Tag / 1" Enamel Pin Badge

[UK 2nd Class shipping: $1.75 / International Airmail: $3.25]

[On sale Thursday 7th Feb at 18:00 London time]

Isn't it just so annoying, when you know your little Sprog is somewhere around here, but you just can't find him?

Well worry no more. Just touch your RID Tag and he'll come find you!

Introducing the first release of the Robot Identification Tag, an Edition of just 25 at a cost of only $9 a piece, boxed and numbered.

The second release is a fan favourite, Renold Mk1. He's that grumpy little maintenance bot you just can't help but love. He was also one of the 2012 Robotone sculpts and will be discontinued in regular 1/12th scale at the end of the year (replaced with Renold Mk2!)

Sporting some lovely shades of light pink and a bright polished chrome, perfect for a grumpy lover or Hello Kitty sweater.

At just $9 each, these will be shipped regular Airmail internationally and 2nd class in the UK.